CC Capsule: 1941 Lincoln Continental by Loewy

I was not expecting this car.

This past week, my brother and I made the trek from Rock Island to Chicago for the 2012 Auto Show for the first time since 2005. Going on a weekday was definitely a plus, as it was not very busy and I was able to get pictures without someone’s arm or leg in the frame. One interesting display had several vintage cars, including this decidedly different 1941 Lincoln Continental. It turns out that this car was restyled and apparently owned by Raymond Loewy.

After doing a bit of research, I learned that this car was built by Derham to Loewy’s specifications and unveiled in 1946. Aside from the obvious front and rear modifications, it was turned into a landau of sorts, with a removable plexiglass section over the front seat. The rear window was filled in and replaced with a porthole not unlike that of the ’56-’57 Ford Thunderbird and the opera windows of the later Continental Mark IV, V and VI. The front grille has a hint of Studebaker in it, although it also reminds me of a ’40 Dodge and ’47 Kaiser. It appears that this was built for Loewy’s personal use, as there are RL monograms in a chrome circle on each side. Personally, I would rather have a stock ’41 Continental with its waterfall grille and namesake spare, but this is still a very neat car. It was cool to see something like this amongst all the 2012 models.