CC Capsule: 1960 Plymouth Deluxe 2-Door Wagon – Deluxe Accommodations

(first posted 8/6/2012)    Every once in a while, I ponder upon what things in the past were like.  This 1960 Plymouth definitely falls into that category.

At the time I found this car, I had been encountering a string of vehicles that could be better described as Fence Row Classic instead of Curbside Classic.  This Plymouth also made me stop and consider whether or not sharing the best of the intact (but not drivable) vehicles I found ran counter to the intent of Curbside Classic.

Heck no, I decided.  This beast is simply too rare to keep in anonymity.  Plymouth only made 5,503 of these two-door wagons for 1960.  Oddly enough, it wasn’t the least-produced Plymouth wagon for that model year; both the Suburban Sport six- and nine-passenger wagons were produced in smaller quantities.  How small?  Try a mere 4,253 for the nine-passenger, and only 3,333 for the six-passenger.

Despite a strong visual relationship to the 1957 to 1959 models, Plymouth was all new for 1960 (as were Dodge, DeSoto, and Chrysler), right down to the “stabilizer” tail fins and the newly-available 225-cu in (3.7-liter) slant six.  Laurence Jones did an excellent job of outlining Chrysler’s conversion to unibody construction here.

Let’s see what one looks like from behind:


Plymouth offered wagons in three trim levels for 1960: the low priced Savoy, the mid-range Belvedere and the high-end Fury.  The Deluxe, seen here, was based on the Savoy and was the only trim level to offer a two-door wagon.

According to one source, Plymouth had a “Fleet Special” series for 1960; For production counts, these fell into the Savoy or Deluxe series.  This made me wonder….doing a Google search for “1960 Plymouth Wagon” revealed all of two wagons similar to this (both seen in this article), but many Suburbans.  So despite the lower production, the high-level wagons can still be found.  I wonder how many of these two-door Deluxe wagons were dumped into fleets and used up, thus making them so scarce today.

While I have had this Plymouth as a smattering of electrons for a short while, it is good to know they are now able to spread their wings and be seen.  It does seem to salve the misfortune of the original being banished to a field beside the highway.


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