CC Capsule: 1965 Chrysler New Yorker Town Sedan — The Better Last Great Chrysler?

1200 Front Quarter

(first posted 9/3/2015)    Earlier this year, Paul declared the 1965 Chrysler New Yorker to be “The Last Great Chrysler” for its distinctive style, fine engineering, and solid build quality, and it is impossible to disagree with that appraisal.  Even the great can be improved upon, though, and this parking lot find in Virginia arguably does it.  It is a 1965 Chrysler New Yorker Town Sedan, a New Yorker pillared sedan with a six window layout, instead of the four door hardtop found by Paul in California.


The Town Sedan with its extra rear side window had a slim C-pillar instead of the large, vinyl-covered C-pillar of the four door hardtop.  This roof style was out of the step with the wide, “formal” C-pillars taking over American luxury cars during the mid-1960s, after the GM bubble tops and other glassy rooflines of the late 1950s and early 1960s.  The more prestigious four door hardtop sold better, with 21,110 four door hardtops and 16,339 Town Sedans sold in 1965.

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Half a century later, the larger glass area and lack of a vinyl roof covering give the already well styled New Yorker a more timeless look.  Especially the lack of a vinyl roof covering, which eliminates a Brougham Epoch feature that many (although certainly not all) prefer to do without.  Styling being a matter of taste, some will disagree and prefer the larger C-pillar and proto-Brougham use of vinyl.  The pillared sedan may be slightly less airy than the hardtop with the windows down, but with a car with an air conditioner such as this one, which proudly wears an “AirTemp Air Conditioner” sticker at the bottom right of the rear window, the difference probably is rarely significant.

1200 Rear

The many virtues of these cars have received detailed praise in the two articles linked below, so there is no need to repeat them at length here.  Regardless of which layout one of those approximately 37,500 buyers chose for their 1965 New Yorker, he or she received a well styled car with many distinctive features, an equally well styled interior, the excellent Chrysler big-block/Torqueflite drivetrain, and Chrysler’s unit body and torsion bar front suspension, all of it put together well during a middle period between two quality control crises at Chrysler.  Which 1965 Chrysler New Yorker is your favorite is a matter of taste, but they are all fine cars in their own right.


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