CC Capsule: 1965 Plymouth Satellite–An Early Christmas Present?



On the Saturday before Christmas, my son and I went into town to pick up some last minute items for supper at the grocery store. As we walked through the parking lot, a beautiful, shiny white ’65 Plymouth Satellite rolled in, drove past us, and parked at the back of the lot. The burble of the engine told me it had a hopped-up big block.


My guess was the owner had just bought it, and wasn’t quite ready to store his new toy for the winter despite the near-freezing temperature. We walked over to investigate, and my suspicions were confirmed.



The proud new owner removed the hood pins and lifted off the fiberglass hood to show us the dressed-up 440–which, combined with a four-speed stick and 4.10 gears in the diff, made this car what he said was the fastest he’s ever owned.



I’m not surprised; one look under the hood makes it clear that this car is built to go!



He said he had to go in and do his shopping, but that the doors were open if I wanted to check out the interior. How could I refuse? It was just as clean as the exterior, but I imagine low-speed maneuvering could be a chore with the small diameter aftermarket steering wheel and manual steering and brakes.