CC Capsule: 1972 Mercury Marquis – Grandpa’s Sunday Car, Shot In Kodachrome In 1972

Mercury 1972 slide sfq

(first posted 2/25/2016)    I inherited my grandfather’s large collection of Kodakchrome slides.  I knew he was fond of taking pictures of his cars, and there were many.  I’ve scanned all the slides in and this seems to be the most documented of his cars, without pictures of family members anyway.  These are some pictures he took of the Marquis on a spring Sunday afternoon in 1972, on the village square in Milan, Ohio, just before Sunday dinner at the Milan Inn.  He was likely killing time until our family arrived, as our car is directly behind his in one of the pictures.

Mercury 1972 slide rq square

My Grandfather, born in the early 1900’s, had a lifelong love of driving and the automobile.  He started driving at a young age, on a tractor on the farm.  He had many, many cars throughout his lifetime.

Mercury 1972 slide side

By the 1950’s, he was at the peak of his career.  As one of the most respected men in town, and the president of his own successful business, he was able to afford his own personal car as well as have the luxury of having a company car.  For his personal car, his “Sunday Car” as he called it, he typically had a high-line Chrysler or Mercury, and his company car was typically a lower trim level Dodge or Ford.  His “Sunday Car” was obviously always his pride and joy, and was reserved for typical Sunday use:  Church, Sunday dinner after service, and the occasional vacation trip.

Mercury 1972 slide garage

In the spring of 1972, his garage was home to a 1972 Mercury Marquis (Sunday Car) and his company car, a 1972 Ford Gran Torino coupe.

Mercury 1972 slide door

He had the 1972 Mercury longer than most of his cars, he typically traded every two years, but this one he held onto until 1975…to be replaced with a new 1975 Mercury Marquis Brougham 4 door, in the same colors.

Mercury 1972 slide fq

As he retired in 1972, he had to turn in the company car.  Now that he didn’t have to be as frugal with company money, his splurged a little bit.  His weekday, around town car was a new 1973 Thunderbird, to replace the company Torino.

Mercury 1972 slide three

(Note my parents’ 1972 Pontiac Catalina Brougham behind the Mercury)