CC Capsule: 1980 Chevrolet Chevette – A New Contender Emerges


A couple of years ago, this site featured an ’86 Chevette Sport under the heading “Is This The World’s Best Preserved Chevette?”. And it was indeed a clean machine.

But now, ladies and gentlemen, I present you with a new challenger! (And no, we’re not talking Mopars.)


My grandfather spent his entire career as a machinist for the Great Northern (later Burlington Northern) Railroad, turning out one-off and custom-made brass parts at a shop in St. Paul five days a week. As a result, trains have played a role in all our lives over the years. And so it was that a family tradition began: each of us grandkids were given the opportunity to take a short train trip. Now that my sister is old enough to appreciate such a trip, she got her turn – St. Paul to Winona, with me being the return shuttle.

The picture above was taken at Winona. I attempted to get one at St. Paul when they departed, but got chased off by an overly-excitable Amtrak employee. At least I got a few pics of a Beetle that was parked behind the depot… look for that to appear in a future post.

Anyways, back to the car at hand. It was on the way down that I spotted this tiny Chevy parked on a service road with a “FOR SALE” sign. Time was tight, and I had passed by several other tempting shots along the way – but this one was worth the stop.


If the sign – and my slim knowledge of Chevette trim details – is correct, this would be a 1980 (CC here). And it sure looks nice… condition-wise, relatively speaking.


It may not be my cup of tea, but if you had to own a Chevette, you could certainly do worse than this one. Whoever’s grandmother owned this one must have driven it sparingly, and always parked it in the garage when not in use.

The slushbox may be cringe-worthy to an enthusiast, but for a granny’s puttering-around-town needs, it probably did the job just fine. Not like she’d be worried about 0-60 times anyways… or even getting it up to 60, for that matter.


43,358 miles. That’s less than 1,400 miles per year. Even my own grandmother puts down more miles than that.


The old adage of “detail before retail” was clearly not lost on this car’s seller. Everything was shined up, even the dog dish wheelcovers (and yes, it had all four!).

At a glance, such as the one I took when photographing it, this ‘vette looks pretty mint. But perfection has its price: $3500, in this case.

Had it been anything $1200 or under, I would have been torn (what a deal… but what would I do with it?). But $3500? Sorry, Charlie. When it comes to Chevettes, I’m just not that hard-core.

From Goats, to museum tours, to Pintos, all in the same day. Where else but CC? As always, glad to be here!