CC Capsule: 1980 Honda Accord – Soichiro Would Be Proud

This car prompted a bold realization:  There are very few of these critters left on the road.  This is especially true in the salty wintered Mid-West.

For a good history about the early days of the Honda Accord in the United States, Paul covered it here.  This Accord seems to be about the same size as the current Civic, doesn’t it?

This Honda sure appears to be well-loved and used regularly.  Perhaps it has been massaged somewhat, also.  While not seen in the pictures, the front brake calipers were quite large – and yellow.  I cannot ascertain the model year of this Accord, although it is from 1978 to 1981.  Any insight from our trusty and knowledgeable commentators is quite welcomed.

Found within 100′ of where I spotted a Cadillac Allante (here), I’m thinking there might be some places where spotting cars is like fishing in a bathtub, where you are almost guaranteed good results.