CC Capsule: 1983 Citroën 2CV6 Club – Time Goes By Faster Than You Think

(first posted 11/18/2017)      While pushing my son in his stroller, on the way back from his nursery, it was impossible to ignore this iconic shape, but I must admit I wasn’t in a hurry to take pictures – after all, it’s just a 2CV. I could swear it wasn’t long ago that you’d be able to see these quite commonly. Why, it was just a few years back, in the late 1980s… Hold on, that was thirty years ago! Time has indeed flown, and I’ve grown old. And the 2CV is no longer common by any means.

So I duly took my phone out of my pocket, and moved in closer:

This is one of later ones, although not quite an end-of-production model. It’s funny to think that as far as 1983 is from us, that 2CV is yet “older” considering how long it’s been in production.

The back revealed this car has the “big” 602cc engine, judging from the small “2CV6 Club” plate. “Club” is what you would refer to as the more luxurious version, although I doubt you’d find too many accessories in there.

Other side shows the two-tone paint better, and it certainly livens up the 2CV. Once again I’m astounded to compare any of the classics I stumble upon with their modern successors, such as this Hyundai i20. Maybe this specific comparison isn’t fair, the 2CV’s design is much older than its 1983 age. But this still prompts the question, where was Hyundai back in 1983?

As you’d expect, Israel has had a steady import of 2CVs over the years- as a mutter of fact throughout its French production, right up to 1988. Much like the rest of the world, they were economical and cheap to run in their day, so there was always a customer ready to purchase one. Even the IDF had a fleet during the 1960s and 1970s, performing various choirs:

Of course, a local club exists, which caters to its members’ needs. They even took four 2CVs on a trip to the desert some years ago, testing the 2CV’s suspension to the fullest – note our featured car is one of the glorious participants:

Here are some photos of 2CVs I photographed in various local classic car meetings:

This one has a similar paint scheme to the featured car, although you can tell it’s better preserved and according to the license plate, is older and dates back to the 1970s.

Here are two-for-one 2CVs, almost identical suns the wheels. These were really pristine.

This blue car is one of the very late, last of the French production line (production continued in Portugal a few years later).

Parked next to a two-tone 2CV is a very early series one car, as you can tell by its triangular bonnet.

On the left is one of the 2CVs relatives, the lovable Méhari. You might refer to it as a very early SUV. It was based on the Dyane, which was again based on the 2CV.

And you can see two Dyanes parked behind this red-on-white 2CV. Ultimately, Citroën wanted the Dyane to replace the 2CV and be a fitting rival to the Renault R4. But despite the utalitarian nature of the 2CV it soldered on, outselling and outliving the Dyane.

I’ll finish off with this relatively new photo of a 2CV, showing one of the recently restored cars. And wearing typical 1970s sand color.