CC Capsule: 1986 Plymouth Reliant K – “Hey! That’s My Car! I’ll Move It!”

7-19-2014 114

There might be dozens and dozens of K-cars plying the streets of Oregon and Washington state, but here in the heartland they are a much rarer affair these days. They used to be everywhere, but those pesky little rust mites got most of them (Ooh, another K-car! Munch munch crunch…burp!).


You all know the K-car story, so suffice it to say it played a prominent role in saving Chrysler’s bacon in the early ’80s, before finally going out of production in 1989. But I will always remember the facelifted 1985-89 Reliant as the wheels of Principal Ed Rooney in the classic movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I think the light metallic blue Reliant K was a perfect match to the character.

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So I was walking back to the car with a friend after attending a car show when we walked right by this pastel yellow survivor, and I just had to peel off a few shots. Yes, there’s some rust, but this could be considered near-mint for a nearly thirty old Illinois car. We do get salt up here, dontcha know!

7-19-2014 116

I know this is at least a 1986 with the CHMSL, but with the aftermarket wheel covers, I can’t pin down the year any more than that.

They may not have been beautiful, but I always liked them for their honesty and practicality–something seen much less frequently in today’s cars. Roll on, little Reliant!

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