CC Capsule: 1990 Ford Aerostar – Where’s The Rust?

I found this gem in a parking lot earlier this week as I was heading inside for an appointment. The owner was not present, so I could not ask any questions. Moreover, it was gone after I came out to leave. However from the photos I captured, this vehicle is in mighty fine condition having lived in Southern Ontario through our harsh winters.

I am calling this a 1990 model. Assuming it was purchased new, the “K” letter in the license plate indicates approximately 1990 as the date it was registered. We can also assume that still having that plate means it is still with its original owner. When vehicles are sold here, the plate stays with the owner. With salty roads to navigate in the winter, and Ontario’s emission testing regimen, it is rare to find any car from older than 25 years unless it lives in a garage.

My only experience with one of these was having a ride in one when he had it back in the day. At the time I had a Plymouth Voyager, so needless to say the Aerostar was a totally different feel. One could feel the power of the engine pulling us along, but it had a definite truck like rides to it. I remember the seats and most of the interior were in a dark blue, and I was surprised at how large but also somber at the same time it felt inside. It reminded me of the ride in a GM Astro, kind of like a full size GM van feel to it. As JP Cavanagh said, “Like most other Ford vehicles, the Aerostar felt solid and substantial”. Outside the paint was a drab grey.

Let’s indulge in a little conjecture on our featured car. It was purchased not to ferry kids back and forth to soccer games and school; instead it was used as a daily driver in the summer and maybe a winter time vacation drive to Florida.

I didn’t get a size on the tires, but they look like 14 inches at the most. For the size of this van, at least 15’s would have served it well when it was new. I imagine that the back seat could be removed in these, but it would be a heavy SOB to lift. My Voyager’s seats were difficult enough to heft in and out.

Hopefully this Aerostar continues to be well cared for.


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