CC Capsule: 2004 Oldsmobile Silhouette Final 500 – The Rarest Of Minivans?

Minivans are hardly the type of vehicles that attract enthusiasts or collectors, but alas, even they have not been immune to special and commemorative editions, and even limited-production collectors editions. Arguably the most meaningful and rarest of special edition minivans was the 2004 Oldsmobile Silhouette Final 500, a somewhat somber tribute to its final 500 production examples of each Oldsmobile model as a result of the shuttering of the brand’s 107 years of building cars.

Final 500 Oldsmobiles, which included the Intrigue, Aurora, Bravada, Silhouette, and Alero, all featured special Dark Cherry Metallic exteriors, chrome wheels, Final 500 exterior badging, sill plates and wheel center caps, leather interiors with embroidered Final 500 badging on the seats and floor mats, plus a few other minor badging details and commemorative literature that were largely exclusive to the Aurora and Intrigue.

Unlike the rest, the Silhouette was given the least love, with some examples not even getting their commemorative medallions and in fact, only 360 total examples produced due to plant overcapacity as a result of needing to fulfill fleet orders of the Silhouette’s Chevrolet Venture sibling.

The GM U-body minivans themselves were neither all that notable nor loved, and if this Silhouette owner is not the original, it is doubtful he or she even know the specialness behind their Silhouette. One clue, however, suggests that they might: the whitewall tires. Could this special Silhouette be owned by a elderly couple who had been seasoned Oldsmobile buyers, now holding on to their final Olds?

Unfortunately its driver was nowhere to be found, likely enjoying their bowl of Panera soup on a chilly November afternoon. Now some 15 years later, little is left on the roads reminding us of this once omnipresent automobile brand, but but every now and then one will appear, like this rarest Final 500 360 Oldsmobile Silhouette.

 Photographed in Hanover, Massachusetts – November 2018