CC Capsule: 1987 Audi Quattro

I live in a part of town that is dense with garages. I see the man who does my MOTs weekly, the man who’s painting up some bumpers of mine even more frequently. As such, it’s not a bad place to see interesting iron. Cars pass through, either needing work or because local employees are buying and selling vehicles that take their fancy.

Occasionally I’ll saunter through the area, looking for visitors. Last night, I decided to take a look. Most times I only find modified late 90s/early 2000s performance (often ‘performance’) cars. Fart-canned Subarus buzz past my windows every night, their boxer thrum still distinctive through my windows and walls. A homemade-tape-striped first generation Vauxhall Nova notchback is a frequent recurrence, but never parks anywhere photogenic. What I’m trying to say is, I don’t expect much.

Imagine my surprise on turning a corner and coming face to face with an original Audi Quattro. I took a few moments to react. My brain cycled my jaw a few times; up, down, up.

In truth, I was disappointed. I couldn’t do this car justice. The light was fading.

The Quattro has already had its story told many times over, and CurbsideClassic is a home for heroes yet unsung.

Gute Reise, noble steed.