CC Capsule: Chrysler 300C Fan Lives Here

Almost round the corner from that Audi 80 I wrote about, I was happy to discover a nice 300C, and then another one. And another.


I noticed this silver late model 300C first, as it was parked up front and its relatively bright color was more visible against the darkening evening. Besides, its big- those are big cars. You can’t really miss them. Behind it, as you can see:

A first generation 300C was parked, its stance much more muscular than its younger brother. I can’t say whether the dog standing there was guarding the Chrysler or the Chrysler was guarding the dog.

I thought I was done with these 300s, but then I turned my head to the other side of the street, and…:

Now that’s a first for me. You don’t see many of these big Chryslers in Israel- most people prefer to spend their money on German alternatives. So to discover a family of 300Cs parked together was nice.