CC Capsule: Custom Cadillac Seville – Old School Custom

Cadillac Seville custom

(first posted 4/24/2014)     A recent business trip to California allowed me a little curbside classic hunting opportunity out in the sun rather than in the snow. My favorite find was this retro-inspired custom Cadillac Seville.

A bustle back second generation Cadillac Seville is an usual choice for a base vehicle, but the retro-inspired rear end sculpting perhaps fits into the overall vision for this custom car.

1961 Imperial

The free standing headlights strongly evoke the wild 1961 Imperial.

Cadillac Seville custom front

That bumper sure looks like it used to be on the rear of something and has been flipped over for duty at the front. Anyone recognize it? The front view shows that the roof has been chopped.

Cadillac Seville custom side

The side view shows off some pretty impressive front and rear overhang. The exposed side exhaust pipes are very much a retro custom touch. A partial covering might save the driver from a nasty leg burn when entering or exiting their ride. Hopefully he or she doesn’t have any children who wouldn’t be as well protected at the rear.

Cadillac Seville custom bumper

Moving around the back, the bumper is probably the most striking feature with tail lights that look familiar but which I can’t quite recognize. Perhaps they are rotated ninety degrees from their usual orientation? I’m sure one of our first commenters will quickly identify them.

Cadillac Seville custom rear

The full rear view shows many more custom touches including dual retractable antennas and further body customizing. I did find it a little strange that the factory wheel covers have managed to stay in intact given the otherwise large amount of alteration.

Overall it is a very interesting car with lots of sixties hot rod touches on a very square nineteen-eighties front-driver Cadillac platform.  Good on the owner for preserving such a unique vehicle.

This Cadillac was identified by reader Mbartell as one of classic hot rod builder Bill Hines’ last cars. Further reading on Bill.