CC Capsule: Fiat 500 by Gucci – A Matador for Our Times?

I frequently visit a local 7-11.  Another one of their regular customers is a pretty lady who owns this nice Fiat 500 Gucci edition.  When I first saw it, the first thing I could think of was the mid-1970’s AMC Matador Oleg Cassini edition.

It turns out that there have been a few Gucci-labeled special editions over the years, most notably the 1979 Cadillac Seville by Gucci, though it turns out that the first Gucci-special was an AMC Hornet wagon.  The Gucci-edition Fiat 500 was available starting in 2011 in the USA, from what I can gather, and was available as late as 2013 in Canada.

Along with the car, there was a selection of Fiat/Gucci handbags, clothing, and other swag.

No doubt proper accessorizing is important when living the Fiat 500 by Gucci lifestyle!

Speaking of accessorizing, the lady who owns this nicely-preserved example likes to drive around with her pet Chihuahua in the passenger seat, though it likes to sit in the driver’s seat when it is unoccupied.  She told me the Chihuahua is 20-years old but still feisty, and her Fiat has been a dependable companion over the years as well.  Somehow it seems appropriate that the Gucci-edition Fiat 500 would have a loyal Chihuahua as co-pilot.

The word “Brougham” tends to conjure up images of large, floaty American sedans with vinyl roofs and opera windows.  Here’s a latter-day example with a little bit of “Brougham style” but maybe a bit more practical for congested urban areas.  Just remember to bring your co-pilot.