CC Capsule: First Generation North American Ford Granada – The Lido Shuffle

These two Ford Granadas presented themselves back in early June.  My initial essay was about a few early Granada memories but the satisfaction in reading them continually fell short of the mark I wanted to hit.

Then Lee Iacocca died.

For whatever reason I’ve been enjoying the smooth singing of Boz Scaggs and his underrated Low Down.  Exploring a little bit further, I remembered Scaggs has a song in which a small part of it summarizes the Granada and Lee Iacocca’s product philosophy.

Appropriately, it’s the Lido Shuffle.

He’s for the money
He’s for the show
Lido’s waiting for the go

Doesn’t that succinctly summarize the two?

Mustang, Fairlane, Comet, Meteor, Torino, Cougar, Ranchero, Maverick, Granada, Monarch, Versailles.  So many cars and nameplates based upon the Falcon, many of which had Lido’s money making fingerprints.

We all know the shuffling that would happen with the K-Car platform during the 1980s.

Of these two Granadas, this yellow one is the newer of the two as it has the square headlights.  Dare I say it is more Falcon-esque in its demeanor than is the silver one?

Something tells me both of these belong to the same owner.  Cruising around in either of these Granadas while listening to some Boz, or whatever your taste, would make for a relaxing time.

Found June 8, 2019 in Columbia, Missouri

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