CC Capsule: Margie, The Chevrolet C10 Pickup

There she sat.  I called her Margie.  As simple and honest as ever there was.  When stopping at Jefferson City’s city hall to drop off recycling, I couldn’t help but walk over and snap a few pictures of this delightful old girl.  Aching to be driven, Margie sat eagerly daydreaming of her next adventure.

The wading boots are stashed in front of the bed, awaiting a fishing trip in the nearby Missouri River.  Or maybe a private pond somewhere.  Margie would be happy to go there and maybe even get a little dirty in the process.

Margie had a few years on her, and was looking a little weathered, but she still has a nice profile.

Perhaps even more classic and dignified than Brittany, the F-150 parked next to her.  Margie knew Lori, the Ranger, was striving to be like her.

Margie knows it is wise to take care of your insides, as well as your outside.  She just wasn’t wild about the blanket covering her well-loved seat.

Grinning to herself, Margie knew she was more likely to go on a wild adventure off-road or through the woods with her owner than Brittany.  It warmed her heart.

Lucky Margie.  Her daydream came true just a few hours later.