CC Capsule: Simca in Australia Miscellany

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Aaron65’s recent post on decaying Simcas produced a reverse CC effect in me, reminding me of a photograph I’d taken a couple of weeks back. I was driving along High Street in Thornbury and this sign loomed ahead, resplendent in its original glory. It must have been hidden behind a wall for a long time, my guess is that this was painted in the mid 1960s.


There’s not much out there about the history of these cars in Australia. They were CKD-built by Northern Star Engineering and Continental & General Distributors from 1956, and then by Chrysler in Adelaide after 1959. The five-door wagon shown above was unique to our market.


I’ve had this clipping for a while, but I can’t remember the date of the magazine’s issue.

The web of inter brought me this second-hand quote regarding the Oxenford conversion; “If the (Peugeot) 203 head was modified by Laurie Oxenford he possibly used the methods carried out on the popular Simca heads. His Stage One would be a basic cleaning of the ports mainly easing any sharp corners. Mods to the inlet valves and seats, three angle cuts.”

Simca 1000 01

I don’t recall ever seeing a Simca on our roads. I have the vague recollection of seeing some 1000s in 1970s, but I might be confusing them with the Renault 8 & 10. Anyway, CC being CC means that there is a trove of articles on this brand, some of which are linked below.

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