CC Capsule: Towing With A Panther


The CC Effect is gaining momentum.  After the lively discussion stemming from Brendan Saur’s post about a Grand Marquis (here), what photo opportunity should present itself?  None other than a Lincoln Town Car pulling a cargo trailer.


How loaded down was the trailer?  Good question, but likely it one of two things.  He was parked next to a golf course, so perhaps he’s pulling his golf cart.  The other – and more likely – possibility is since this Lincoln was just down the  hill from the St. Louis Art Museum, the owner was either a vendor or musician at the Friday night festivities.  This Lincoln would be a quite comfortable tow vehicle.


This luggage rack could hold some sizable propane tanks or amplifiers.  The factory wheels are long gone and have been replaced with these wheels and light truck tires.  If I needed an inexpensive tow vehicle, I can definitely think of worse.