CC Capsule: Westward Go-4 – Where Do You Think You’re Going?

The Westward Go-4 Interceptor has been produced since the early 1990s. It’s used by municipalities across the United States and Canada, predominantly as a parking patrol or security vehicle. This particular example is a former NYPD Traffic Enforcement vehicle, as you can tell by the poorly removed markings. The question is: where’s it going now?

The Canadian-built Go-4 uses a fuel-injected, overhead-cam 1.0 three-cylinder engine, producing 66 hp and mated to a four-speed automatic. The powertrain is sourced from Hyundai; older Go-4s used a 1.3 four-cylinder and three-speed automatic from Ford. The 1.0 is good for around 45 mpg, according to Westward Industries.

The cabin appears relatively comfortable for its sole occupant, the Go-4’s cab measuring 72 inches. The single chair slides and adjusts and the steering wheel can be tilted. Access to the cabin is through sliding doors which allow, for example, parking enforcement officers to leave a ticket on your car without having to get out of their vehicle.

Around two feet shorter than a Mitsubishi Mirage, the Go-4 blurs the lines somewhat between trike and tiny car – air-conditioning is optional, for example. I can’t tell if this example has A/C fitted but I’d hope the NYPD would’ve sprung for it, considering how hot and muggy summers can be in NYC (and I say this as someone who lives in a sub-tropical climate now!)

The Go-4 has recently been joined by the Go-4 EV, which has a 20.2 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that can get anywhere between 55 and 100 miles on a full charge. Considering electric vehicles of this size – for example, golf carts and forklifts – have been available with electric power for decades, it’s somewhat surprising Westward Industries has only recently introduced an electric model.

Rest assured, whatever this Go-4 owner is doing with this ex-parking enforcement vehicle, they won’t be going on the highway. Well, I’d hope not. These are speed-limited to 45 mph from the factory although some owners have been known to remove the governor. That opens up a can of works regarding legal registration of this vehicle which, according to some owners, can already present challenges if you’re a private owner.

Buying an ex-fleet Go-4 is a novel idea if you have a small security company. Is there a market outside of this, however, for a used example of this little trike? What would you use a Go-4 for?