CC Capsule:1960 and 1968 Austin A40 – For Proof That Britain Did Not Take The Car Industry Seriously


The Austin A40 may not be well known outside UK, if indeed it is known at all in many areas. However, the lack of sufficient product investment in the UK industry from 1945 to the late 1990s will be a familiar tale.

The A40 was introduced in 1958; the car on the left (BFP108) in the picture above is a Mk2 from 1961; the car on the right (SRR960G) is a Mk2 from 1968, making it one of the last of the line……


Apart from the grey wheels instead of white and the rectangular rear number plate, any change is so effectively hidden to be non-existent. Even given the longer model cycles of that period, eight years and that level of change (or not) is striking.

Yes, that is a drop down lid to the boot (trunk), Mini style.


There was also a version, known as the Countryman, with a lift up rear window and drop down lid to make something not far off a modern hatchback concept, back in 1959. Styling was by Farina, the first of many for BMC

But don’t tell anyone it was an Austin A30 underneath, dating back to 1952.

Like I said, the British motor industry did not invest sufficiently in product, and that is why we now have a motor industry in Britain instead.