Cohort Capsule: 1977-78 Plymouth Fury – Raw Determination

(Submitted to the CC Cohort by Tim Finn)

Look at that face.  If ever a car possessed a look of clenched jaw and gritted teeth determination, this is it.  This particular example is all business, too, with no fancy wheel covers, no vinyl roof, and minimal chrome.

It doesn’t have time for any stupid stuff as it’s focused on what needs to be done while doing it as effectively as possible.  No wonder I like this car.

As one who was born in the early 1970s, it’s refreshing to see a Fury of this vintage.  Once upon a time these were a frequent sighting in movies and television, generally wearing a light bar on the roof and somehow always meeting its demise is some spectacular fashion.

While funny at the time it no doubt took its toll on the general population.  Well, those in California at least.  This Fury lives in Oregon.

While there has never been an award for a car that looks good when airborne, these would be contenders if there were such a contest.  Seeing any car airborne gives one opportunity to see it from angles otherwise not generally possible.  This Fury looks great from any angle, an admittedly biased statement.

We all know what landings do, so let’s not dwell on unpleasantries.  What is pleasant is seeing this green Fury, a Plymouth that is a visual update of the new B-body that was introduced in 1971.  Some would argue the updates weren’t successful.  I would argue they were; few are the cars that look bad with stacked headlights, another admittedly biased statement.

The B-bodies were also unique at Chrysler in 1977 and 1978; they were the only cars in which one could order an example with each rear-drive intended engine Chrysler had available.  These came with a 225 slant six, a 318 (5.2 liter), a 360 (5.9 liter), a 400 (6.6 liter), and the cops could get a 440 (7.2 liter).  While similar had happened a few times earlier in the 1970s, these and the twin Dodge Monaco were the last practitioners of this smorgasbord of Chrysler engine options.

Seeing this Fury has been a joy.  Now, to channel its determination and find one in the metal…

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