Curbside Capsule: 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback – A Nod to Safety

Jack recently presented the story behind a certain 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 which brought out some interesting comments. Here’s a ’67 model with the same body style for comparison…

Let’s start with the controversial end of the car first. While I didn’t get a good rear 3/4 view, this straight-on rear view does give an interesting perspective and highlights the, well, length of the rear deck of the Galaxie.

Swinging around to the pointy end of the car, you’ll notice the ’67 has a fairly pronounced beak — much more so than the ’66, but somewhat less than the ’68. I kind of like the ’67 myself, but it also (if you squint a bit) does remind me a bit of a Cadillac hood. Maybe it’s just me…

I had to snag a dash photo from the interwebs (mine was a bit glarey), but I did want to point out that the ’67 took the first tentative steps toward making the interior a bit more friendly to the occupants in an accident. You’ll note the large padded horn button as well as the padded dash panels. The steering column is collapsible and controls are somewhat recessed on the dashboard. Shoulder belts were also a standard feature and the brake system was upgraded to a dual circuit system.

More importantly, an 8-track tape deck was now an option!

In 1966, you could order a Galaxie 500 “7 Litre” with the 428 cid Thunderbird V8. The Galaxie name was dropped from this engine option for 1967, and the 428 engine option was basically only a trim/performance option for the XL model.

This particular example sports the durable 390 V8:

1967 was also the year that the LTD trim level was divorced from the Galaxie name. It seems Ford was fine-tuning the brand positioning along with that front hood line…

I found this fine-looking Galaxie in front of a small-town garage I pass on the way to work, and it was gone after a couple of days. Having wrenched on a 390 in my youth (our ’68 Country Squire LTD), I have an idea or two why it might have been in the shop. It’s nice to see it well cared for, and I’ll hope to see it motoring around town sometime soon.