Curbside Capsule: Land Rover Discovery V8i – Silly or Serious?

It seems to be Land Rover day today, so here’s one I snapped recently. Michael Freeman shared his life with a very similar rig a few months ago. Unlike his, this one’s a major showoff.

Michael’s was a sensible white with few if any visible attachments. This one’s quite attention getting.

It claims to be a “Special” V8i, what’s up with that? What year is this one by the way?

Is the hood just painted flat black, or is this a stone-resistant coating or what? Major pusher bars here.

Looks like a generic comfy SUV inside.

I’m not a Land Rover guy, some of you are genuine experts. Is this flashy rig parked outside a suburban high-tech office a fantasy poser? Or does it have the guts it claims? What’s your verdict?