Curbside Capsule: Model Ts on Parade

Ford had a large pavilion at Oshkosh this year, with a contingent of Model Ts giving free rides to show-goers. Unfortunately, I never had my camera ready when one of several T-based Speedsters went “roaring” past, but I did get some good photos of the closer-to-stock cars in the parking area behind the booth.

I don’t know my “Brass Era” cars well enough to tell exactly which model this one is (perhaps someone will chime in in the comments). The owners were fun to talk with, and this was very much a family project, initiated by their high-school aged son, who bought it as a basket case.

Paul wrote up a CC on the Model T a while back, so I’ll let you read more on the history of the car there, only pausing here to point out two items on this particular car. First is the three pedal clutching/braking arrangement (which Paul describes in his article).

The second is the signature on the “dash” board:

Yes, that reads “Edsel B Ford Jr.” (I think!). He rode in this particular car at the show, so the owners asked him to sign, to which he happily obliged.

I wish I had had time in my schedule to take a ride, but there was too much to see and too little time… My family and I did ride in a T at Greenfield Village some years ago, and it was a real hoot.

So what are your experiences with the Model T? Anything interesting?