Curbside Capsule: The WC56 Command Car –
At Parade Rest

One of my favorite stops at Oshkosh each year is at the WWII reenactor’s camp, where there’s always a great selection of militaria to check out, including this Dodge WC56 Command Car, patiently standing at Parade Rest.

Intended to be a reconnaissance vehicle larger than a Jeep, it was not that popular as it was heavier and not as maneuverable, plus the profile was quite a bit more recognizable from a distance – not a good thing for a commander!

I love the rugged simplicity of WWII-era vehicles.

The owner had written up the facts and figures on the vehicle, so I’ll spare myself the retyping:

This is one handsomely restored copy… it’s certainly in much nicer condition than it was when it left the factory!

There were 21,156 copies of the WC56 made… I wonder how many still exist?

One final note – as we were walking up to the camp, To the Colors was being blown, so we doffed hats and saluted (civilian-style) as the colors were raised. The flag was then slowly lowered to half mast and a soldier’s name who was killed in action during WWII was solemnly read, after which the colors were hoisted back to full staff. It was a very touching moment, and a great way to start our day.