Curbside Outtakes: 1966 Mustang and 1966 Corvair Sedan – Blue Beaters

These two cars were found on the same day, just fifteen minutes apart from each other. Both shared a similar color of paint, and both had the look of daily drivers about them.

Having been working for the classic car dealer for about a week at the point this photo was taken, I had become somewhat used to driving first gen Mustangs around the showroom. In my experience, they are pleasant, if plasticky, little coupes that in their stock form are pretty easy to drive. They tend to become a handful once larger engines and modern drive trains are introduced. Most of them are show cars, nearly perfect in execution. I was surprised to see this example of what I imagined most Mustangs probably ended up like in the 70’s and 80’s. Driven hard and cared for, but certainly showing their age.

The interior seemed to be pretty well optioned with air conditioning and an automatic. All in all, it was a pleasant sight to come across.

If I remember correctly, the owner of this car said it was a 1966 Corvair Monza sedan. Having only seen them in pictures up to that point, I was very happy he was willing to let me take a few pictures while he finished his tennis game.

I first spotted this car from a distance and thought it was the same blue Mustang I had seen before. Once I saw the four doors, I knew it some something altogether different. I have seen more of these late model Corvairs in movies and TV than I have their first gen counterparts. Unknown to me at the time, I would soon be the proud owner of a first gen coupe myself in the coming weeks.

The world right now can seem very isolating. I am fortunate enough to still be working. It would seem I switched careers at the perfect time. I doubt very much I would still be working at the warehouse with everything that’s going on. Sometimes we have to take joy where we can. I am happy to have come across these two little blue cars when I did. I hope they are serving their owners well and making others smile just as I did.