Dash-Cam Capsule: Volvo C70 Coupé

Whilst on my way back home, this time driving my father-in-law’s ‘orrible 2012 Corolla (an ex-company car abomination), I stumbled upon a Volvo rarely seen when new, let alone some fifteen years later.


It was a murky day, hence the diluted view on the video:

I even set you up with a typical minor accident scene, Israeli police and EMS on the spot already.


This C70 was driven by a somewhat elderly lady, dare I say quite fitting its car? Maybe. As I’m heading towards the age of fifty myself, I need to start minding these comments.

I will not elaborate on the car itself, as JP wrote an excellent post on that. Just let me add that as expected, in Israel these were extremely expensive and therefore rare at the time, and I’m referring to this Coupé model- I haven’t seen a single Convertible, not back in the late 1990s / early 2000s when they were new, let alone now. This example than, seems to be one of very few survivors- and looks preserved as well.