Driveway Capsule: 1976 or 1977 Dodge Charger SE?

Thought I’d found a Cordoba. A little looking-into told me this was the concurrent Charger SE. SE is crucial here, as the non-SE Charger had the front clip whole body from the Coronet coupe. The things you learn and keep on learning thanks to XR7Matt. Anyway, it’s not quite QOTD status, but to the best CC can tell this is a 1977 model.

Nice house. Very much of the same period as the steed.

The car is not native to our shores. Apparently Chrysler Australia brought in three Cordobas for appraisal, but not sure about whether they also looked at the Charger SE. This one’s left hand drive, which makes it more likely to be a recent(ish) import.

So I can’t figure out what year this is. I’ve seen that grille, the rear side window treatment and front fender badge ordering on various brochure shots, but not all on the same car. Over to you.

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