Driveway Outtakes: 1978-83 T130 Corona Liftback – Upstaging The Neighbours

This Toyota Corona Liftback lives around the corner, and I get to enjoy its presence on the road fairly regularly. This generation is a dying breed; I see more of the 1964+ shovelnose than I do these. To be honest, I never paid this gen much attention back in the day but it’s great to see amongst all the modern conveyances.

Here it is another time. As you can see, it has been very well maintained. The liftback was a new addition to this generation of Corona. While the standard sedans and wagons were built here with the Holden-sourced 1.9 litre four, the Liftback was a fully-imported up-market offering with the Toyota 18R 2 litre four. New Zealand assembled their own Liftback later in the T130 period, but used the 3T 1.8 litre four in theirs.

Now, of course, we are seeing every second premium four-door with a fifth hatch. Or at least a fastback look.

I can’t remember noticing the driver of this one, but I’d hazard a guess they skew towards the elderly. One of the newer denizens of this street parked their BMW i8 curbside for a while, and you noticed in the first frame what the neighbours keep in the garage. But around this way newer Ferraris are a common occurrence. Toyota Corona Liftbacks, not so much.

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