In Motion Capsule: Three 964 Targas

When Perry wrote up a 964 in 2014, I hadn’t seen one in ages. Now they’re all over the place, more common than the 993 at the moment. I’ve always considered this shape the least successful of the air-cooled 911s, but it has its devotees and despite my misgivings I can see why.

For me that bumper is the clincher, an oversized response to an integrated brief.

For the many who enjoy one, it’s about the 959. The 964 was 85% changed from the previous gen, and a lot of that came in the form of four-wheel drive and more sophisticated electronics developed within the programme that became the 959.

The other thing that gets this cohort is that this gen is the last to feature the headlights arranged as per the original, where the 993 was used to anticipate the 996 with more flush units.

If I didn’t like the coupe so much, I’d take a Targa. The original generation came with an optional removable soft rear window, but that quickly disappeared. That beautiful sheet of bent glass is as much as icon as the hoop. The Targa makes the cabrio look naked.

This one’s sitting on Fuchs, which I’m not sure were available on this model.

And yet another one.

That’s a curious hue of red used on the taillights; a slightly blue bias that moves the red towards cranberry. They didn’t repeat that on the 993.

This generation was actually the last of this configuration until its return on the current model. The intervening series retained the coupe silhouette with a sliding glass roof arrangement and no hoop.

For me the blue one is the nicest of the three, but with the lighter graphite hoop please.

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