QOTD: What If You Could No Longer Own A Personal Vehicle?

What if it became very difficult or even illegal to have a personal vehicle?

Ok, let me elaborate a bit more on this question with a short scenario.

Let’s say that at some point in the next few years, strange laws started being passed in whatever country you may live in, Enforcing strange things like “You can’t drive on Sundays” or “All vehicles sold and registered in (blank) must be electric by (year)”. Slowly making it more and more difficult to own a personal road vehicle, and these types of laws start to pop up not only for road vehicles but for private boats and planes as well, as laws like “You cannot fly over the Grand Canyon” or “You can’t go boating in (blank) lake”. Also, just imagine that there are actual reasons for these laws to exist in the first place.

Around the same time period, lots of money has been being put into autonomous vehicles and public transportation systems to try to make it easier to have mobility around the higher populated areas, while at the same time making it harder for private vehicle owners to operate their vehicle, as much less money is being put into the continuation of older roads and aftermarket parts for vehicles 20 years and older, and now you have to download an app on your phone to use a gas station or charging station as both of those places are also now completely automated.

At this point for the majority of people it’s actually easier and cheaper to use public transport such as a Uber/Lift or taking a city bus in highly populated areas, and in many places in your country owning a vehicle becomes less and less popular as a whole, since it is now more difficult and more expensive to do, most people who still want to drive just rent cars or trucks. Auto manufactures are making less and less personal vehicles every year due to lack of overall demand and are moving towards public transport, autonomous vehicles and rental vehicles, since that’s where the profit is now. The automotive aftermarket also begins to dry up completely as they only need to make aftermarket parts for public transport and autonomous vehicles which are retired every 5 to 10 years.

Eventually, owning a vehicle is deemed unnecessary and wasteful, since the majority can rent anything they really could ever need for a daily, weekly, or monthly fee there is no longer a need to own a vehicle. A law is placed in which you cannot operate a vehicle that you have ownership of on public roads, public lakes, or in the sky, and you are given 3 choices:

1. Keep the vehicle stored away and off the main roads, out of the water, or out of the sky permanently.

2. to sell it to a scrap yard, museum, or rental company and see if one of them will take it.

3. Continue to drive on public roads, lakes, or airspace and risk having the vehicle legally possessed by (blank) safety organization and face a massive fine or even prison time.

Of course, there would be some people that would fight these laws and try to keep the hobby of working and using your own vehicles on the table, and there would end up being many underground sources of areas where you could find parts or vehicles. And there might even be some private road courses that are still available to use, if you have a lot of money that is, those who keep their vehicles need to pay a large fee to keep using them anywhere, and those who can’t still must keep them off the main roads, lakes, or in the sky to avoid confusion as the autonomous vehicle systems would be unprepared to deal with unscheduled vehicles at this time.

This is a pretty basic scenario and I know I left some things out, but I think it gets the point across, how would you feel and what would you do if this situation or a situation similar to this started to happen in your country and why? And what other things do you think would happen in this scenario that I might have missed?