CC Xmas: Transglobal Brotherhood

When I was six and my brother was four, we had matching t-shirt shortpant outfits – totally 1970s in elasticity. His outfit was blue, mine was brown. I wanted the blue one.

This time around it’s matching Coupe De Villes. I found the blue one here in Melbourne and he caught the brown one in New York. And now I want the brown one.

Once again we have a Cadillac with a very attractive face.

And some more utterly exquisite vertical slit rear light effect.

The profile works on these really well. So well in fact you can forgive the balding tuft over the rear of the roof.

I rate these Cadillac Cs second only to the base Chev B in this body language. The wheelarches here do a great job against all the rectilinearity. And that origami feeds into the tail so perfectly. The dark blue sits nicely against the tasteful but generous chrome accenting. There’s only one real gripe from me.

The rubstrip.

See what I mean? This shape looks so transformatively cleaner without it.

For that reason, I want the brown one.

My brother and I haven’t lived in the same city since university days, and this is his second Christmas in New York. Despite the distance, I’ve never been so appreciative of having him around as I have this year. When his wife got a great opportunity to work in NYC, they thought it would be a blast for their boys. One has just hit his teens and the other is not far behind. The perfect age for this sort of adventure and they are digging it big time.

So a shoutout to Will and Tom, and their mum and dad. Myrtle the Snow Wookiee says Merry Christmas.

And she wishes season’s greetings to the rest of you.