CC Cinema: 1970’s Ford Promotional Video – Mullets, Mutton Chops, and Thick Ties

Here’s a interesting 26 minute video from Ford – likely from the early 70’s. Its a real flashback to that era, and entertaining for a couple of reasons…

Most of these promotional videos are upbeat; smiling actors, catchy music, etc. This one is dead serious, almost documentary style – with a solemn voiced narrator. If I hadn’t seen the credits, I would have sworn it was a “Quinn Martin (QM) Production”.

Lots of ordinary folks from the 70’s – mullets, mutton chops, and thick ties…

There is a crash test showing a Galaxie being rear-ended – there were a few Pintos off to the side (wonder why…).

Another Galaxie prototype being run through the test track, and wallowing all over the road.

One scene explaining customer data collection shows a huge room with aisle after aisle of magnetic tape – all of which could probably fit on a micro SD card today.

An interview with a very young Jack Telnack – a few years before he rose to be one of Ford’s most successful VP’s of Design.

Workers in the paint booth without masks or any breathing protection.

It’s interesting on its own, but if you were around in the 70’s I’m sure it will bring back a few memories (maybe both good and bad).