CC Cinema: Mid 1970s “Vehicle Ambush Counter-Attacks” – Ramming Cars is So Much Fun!

I stumbled upon this “educational” (for lack of a better word) film while surfing YouTube. Apparently, California State Police produced this internal training film, I guess for would-be chauffeurs who will never see it, because it was department – internal.


Besides hordes of CCs, ramming and being rammed, I love how all of this looks like someone’s been watching too many Dirty Harry movies. But it’s just as enjoyable, almost being given a carte blanche to drive like a maniac when being (or think you’re being) threatened.

Few points of interest for me; The GTO wreaked nose (undoubtedly recognized for what it is by the filmmakers and thus included in the film), the soooo out-of-place-among-US-iron Renault 17 TS, and the Street-Rod 57 Bel-Air with home-made painted flames. Look for them in the film: