CC Clue

There was a lot of activity on our last clue.  Majo8 was first (but a year late) with a guess of a 1980(ish) Bonneville, and he was followed eight minutes later by dusk442, who was a year early by guessing a 1978.  If we are going to be Curbside Sticklers here (and speaking for myself, I never know from day to day) musicalmcs8706 eventually came in right on the money with a 1979.  I say we declare a 3 way win of the first heat, with a final round of guesses of the month of manufacture and the assembly plant of origin.  Excuse me, I just received a phone call from Tom, asking me to not be a jerk, congratulate all three, and just move on.  And so we shall.

As we turn the page here at CC, we shall go from blue to yellow.  Does anyone have the key to unlock this clue?  By the way, the snow on the clue shows that sometimes a car can sit in a digital photo waiting room for quite awhile before the inspiration can strike.  But a recent discussion thread got me to remembering this little gem.  Any ideas?