CC Clue

This morning’s Curbside Classic was a tough one – primarily because it could cover such a wide range of years.  So, in the interest of fairness, I’m doing something out of character and splitting this three ways.  acd wins for being the closest year on a Mopar guess; Athos wins for guessing the stacked headlamp version of a Dodge van; and, Nuts in Aloha wins for nailing the wheebase.

We all know there were three weight ratings available for a Dodge van, so this seems appropriate.

Here’s a (mostly) unadulterated picture of tomorrow’s Curbside Classic.  As I’m feeling generous and in the Christmas spirit way early, I will give you a few hints.  The State of California doesn’t normally produce such fuzzy license plates.  Second, it was rather rainy the day I found this and somebody needed to mow.  Third, I wasn’t in California, but I was about ten miles from California, Missouri.  Lastly, I’m not as short and wide as this picture seems to indicate.

I hope I’m not giving the farm away saying all this…