CC Clue


I am in a generous mood for this clue, though not quite as generous as Jason Shafer was on his clue for the recent 62 Thunderbird, guessed by Roger about nine minutes after it went live.  But, I could be wrong, and a member of the Curbside Classic Commentariat may have this one in six minutes flat.

Yanns Mohrtenssen and Patrick Bell should be recognized for their ID of the Fairlane clue, though they took advantage of an improvidently named photo (a mistake I made once myself when creating a clue).   You shall have no such help from me today.

Also, as a reminder for some of our newer readers, this clue is for a Curbside Classic that will run tomorrow.  We encourage your guesses about what vehicle this might be, but ask that you do not attach photos so that others may make their own guesses.