CC Clue Twofer: Can You Name This Car… And The Cassette?

When I photographed this car’s interior, I noticed a cassette half-inserted into the tape deck.  That itself was unusual – after all, even I don’t use tapes any longer, and I’m not exactly an early adopter of technology.  It wasn’t until much later, upon examining the photos, that I noticed the cassette case laying in the console.  That got me wondering just what album the car’s driver was listening to.  So today’s CC Clue is a twofer: Can you identify the car and the cassette?

Unfortunately, I don’t know what cassette album this is, since I only have one partially-obstructed photo of it.  But CC is full of music cognoscenti, so maybe someone can figure this out.  I assume the car’s driver is older, judging by the granny cushion on the driver’s seat… but maybe Granny likes hip hop, so who knows?

In case it helps, I have enlarged the cassette case as much as possible from the original image above.

Good luck!  We’ll see an article about the Clue Car tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll know the mystery album by then too!