CC Clue: Childs Play

We had not one, but two clues yesterday.  AM on FM made a wild guess that turned out to be not so wild after all.  A 1957 Plymouth, for the win.  He went for showoff points by calling it a Savoy, so he must live with a bit of a red face since it was really a Belvedere.  But a red faced winner, nonetheless.

On our second clue, Eric Van Buren correctly called it as a Hudson, but was Curbside Clueless as to model or year.  Styles 79 followed up to narrow the year range to mid-late 1940s.  Co-champions, I think.

Now that I am at my computer instead of on my Blackberry with my wife at the mall, this no longer has to be a wordless clue.  I will admit up front that this one is a mite devilish.  But you will see tomorrow that it is really childs’ play.  And pay no attention to that handsome fellow’s reflection in the shiny red paint.  Good Luck.