Cohort Capsule: 1960-67 Humber Super Snipe – British Rootes

(first posted 4/30/2012)     Bryce delivers once again, posting these cool photos to the Cohort. Here’s something you’re not likely to see in North America: the Humber Super Snipe. I am not making that name up, though it does sound like a fictional car from an episode of The Avengers: “Hurry, Colonel Whipsaw is escaping in his Super Snipe!”

The Super Snipe was the top of the line offering of Rootes Group, of Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger fame. According to my dad’s copy of the 1964 Auto Universum, it featured a 132.5 hp inline six cylinder engine with 160 lb ft of torque, and synchronized three-speed manual transmission. An automatic transmission was optional. The models featured in these photos are among the last Super Snipes made if I am not mistaken, being Series III, IV or V models since they have quad headlights. I am winging it here; if anyone would care to enlighten us on the differences, please do!

The last ones came off the assembly line in 1967. Chrysler had purchased the Rootes Group shortly before the last Super Snipes were made. I am unsure if Chrysler decided to end production, but it’s a possibility.

Interiors appear to be suitably luxurious, in a Vanden Plas kind of way. And what is more British than fold-down rear picnic trays?

I think these cars are pretty sharp. The full-width grille and quad headlights seem to have a bit of American influence.

From the back, these cars look like a Rover P5, though the later versions like the white one shown above have an airier greenhouse. Nice clean lines, and very British! Apparently these cars were very popular in New Zealand, judging from all the fine examples captured. Thanks for sharing, Bryce!