CC Outtake: 1953 Cadillac – Déjà Vu

This sure looked familiar.

I was browsing the Cohort tonight, searching for inspiration, thinking I’d seen just about all of the roughly 1,900(!) photos there.  For a moment, I believed I had found more pictures of the Curbside Classic logo car.

Of course it wasn’t, but I researched which model this might be and it seems be a 1950 Series 62 coupe.  The biggest differences between the logomobile and this car to my eye were the length of the rear fender skirt and the wheelbase, though there are bound to be more.  Certainly Paul and others have far more knowledge than me on cars of this era, so if a correction needs to be made, make it!

The shot above makes a really nice computer desktop background, and I like it more every time I look at it.  (I tested ‘er out just to make sure!)

(Thanks to Flat-Black 66 for the beautiful photos!)

Update:  Commenters seem to agree it’s a 1953, so I’ve updated the post.