Cohort Outtake: Mazda 323 Neo Coupe



This 323 was spotted by AGuyinVancouver and posted to the Cohort. This member of the seventh generation (mid-nineties) Familia probably won’t look familiar to our readers in the USA.


That’s because it’s one of those Canada-only things. This made to  Australia as the Ford Laser Lynx, taking the usual name for a 323 sporting the blue oval ‘down under’ and combining it with a name from North America. In New Zealand, it was known as the Famila Neo.  It reminds me of the CRX, but Mazda chose to do battle in the American small coupe segment with the very nineties MX-3.  I wonder if this tiny number will accept a 2.5 liter KL V6 as readily.