Cohort Driveway: 1973 Chrysler New Yorker And 1959 Plymouth Suburban Wagon – Mopars In The UK

Two Mopar products found on the same driveway by L. Seddon and posted at the Cohort: A ’73 Chrysler New Yorker and a ’59 Plymouth Custom Suburban Wagon. Both now being part of the car collection of a household in Lincolnshire.

The fuselage-era blunt-nose New Yorker hardtop coupe is one of 9,190 examples built in ’73. This particular one carries the 440CID V8 and 3-speed TorqueFlite, and arrived in the UK back in 2001.

Further down the driveway, behind the ’80s Econoline, sits this almost “Suddenly It’s 1960!” 1959 Plymouth Custom Suburban wagon. This five-door station wagon is a 6-passenger model and still carries the original 318CID V8 that was in the options menu back in ’59. Shifting on this one is also through a 3-speed TorqueFlite. It’s one of 35,024 built in ’59.

This one arrived to the UK in 2021, and all seems to be part of someone on his way to making his Mopar dreams come true.


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