Cohort Outtake: 1976 El Camino – Be Home By Ten

Screenshot 2014-08-20 18.23.34

A question for our readers with kids: how would you like it if your child’s love interest picked him or her up for a date in this?  Okay, okay, I’d be all, “Cool car. Seems like a great dude–have a blast!”  But if it were 1981, my response would be something more along the lines of, “Wear your seatbelt, be home by ten, your body is a temple, and uh… DON’T TOUCH!”  This El Camino looks much more sinister than its Colonnade relatives; could it be the best-ever example of a ute conversion?

Screenshot 2014-08-20 18.23.49

If so, this sleek, black example makes a very strong case for itself.  The clean forward-slanting tailgate and side glass are design highlights and more than make up for the double-stacked quad headlamps.  This particular trucklet was found in Germany by r0b0tr10t and shows what’s making our ’70s classics so popular with enthusiasts in fashionable Europe as it outshines the cars parked around it (I’ll make an exception for the 1-series hatch in the top photo, but otherwise it’s a snoozefest).  With the great fuel available in Europe, this one deserves a high-compression 400 (not available for ’77), but even without that engine, it has enough of a menacing presence to get more than few a lustful stares.