Cohort Outtake: 1976 Opel Kadett Still Hauling the Garbage

posted at the Cohort by Martin Klitgaard

Given that my old truck spends a lot of time at the Sanitation Dept. Transfer Station, and that I often meet other old trucks there doing the same thing, this shot of a ’76 Opel Kadett doing the same thing spoke to me. Based on a Google translation of “Lukket” it means “Closed” in Norwegian, so we’ll assume that’s where this was shot. What; no Teslas at the dump?

Somewhat surprisingly, we’ve never done a proper write-up of the Kadett C on our pages, although it’s made its appearance on several other GM T-Car posts. As you probbaly know, the T-Car was GM’s first global platform, and spawned offshoots in Japan (Isuzu I-Mark, which was also sold under false pretenses as an Opel in the US), the beloved Chevrolet Chevette in the US and Brazil, the Vauxhall Chevette, Daewoo Gemini and Maepsy (Korea), and the Holden Gemini (built in Japan). Did I miss anyone? GM spread its T-Car genes very promiscuously.

But for Europeans, it’s the Kadett, and it was a pragmatic and fairly rugged little thing, beloved especially by folks who tended to be tight with their money and keep them running for a while. This guy may be the ultimate representative of the type.