Cohort Outtake: CLA Too Dear For You? Then How About This!


Much has been made of the new Mercedes CLA’s affordability. Maybe that would have meant something if Mercedes-Benz had the reputation it had up to about 1990 or so. But hey, it has that classic Mercedes star on it, so who cares? If you’re looking for snob appeal on an even leaner budget, then head on down to your local MB dealer and pick up one of these babies!


Yessireebob, the 2014 CLS050 matches Mercedes prestige with a fuel-efficient yet potent 3-cylinder Kompressor engine, four wheel ceramic disc brakes, GPS and all the interior gadgets you want. And all for just 19,999! But better hurry, because “Mercedes Cimarron” jokes are already flying, and the model may not be on the market long!


Thanks are due to Cohort Contributor williamrubano, who captured the first one I’ve ever seen! Kinda looks like a Geo Metro, though…