Cohort Outtake: Ford Thunderbird & Lincoln LS – Difference Is Only Skin-Deep

LS_TBird_cjcz92.jpg(Submitted by cjcz92)

Looking at these two cars from this angle, or any external angle for that matter, you’d be hard pressed to find any striking similarities. For starters, one’s a coupe and the other a sedan. Beyond that though, they don’t share any sheet metal, windshields, door handles, mirrors – all things that are common for related vehicles to share. Yet these two vehicles are indeed related, much more heavily so than meets the eye.


Although visually distinctive on the outside, the 2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird and 2000-2006 Lincoln LS both rode on the Ford DEW platfrom (also shared with the 2000-2008 the Jaguar S-Type and present-day XF) and both shared the same 3.9L V8, among other mechanics. Sharing of platforms and powertrain is common practice for vehicles produced by the same automaker, but what’s rather unusual is that Ford used the exact same dashboard and center console for the Thunderbird and LS. This was obviously done to cut down on costs, but nonetheless, it’s always come across as odd for two vehicles that looked so different on the outside to share identical interiors.

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