Cohort Outtake: Triple Treat


What do you do when you own a rare buzz-bomb?  Arrange a play date with peers, among other things. Seeking out proper company takes some effort on an owner’s part, but when you own one of these little birdies, you learn to advocate for them.  Because despite what you might be told, it’s not easy being this pretty all by yourself.


Gorgeous, aren’t they?  No wonder Eric Clem added these shots to his long list of excellent CC contributions.  These Kadett B-based darlings were discontinued in 1973 after the Kadett C and its components went into production.  They have no direct successors, although the Kadett C did spawn the original Isuzu Piazza/Impulse several years later.  Finding three of those cars in the same color posed together would also be quite a feat!