Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: ’00-’05 Cadillac DeVille, Shuttle Camper – To Infinity?

Photos from the Cohort by Jerome Solberg.

The things you can do with an aging luxury car, some garage doors lying around, and lots of time. Plus some tools and mmm… creativity? I’m honestly still trying to figure this one out, but I guess it’s a camper with a non-too-accomplished Space Shuttle shape. Maybe?

I had to look for this one over the web, and somewhere online, the moment of its creation was captured. Almost.

In reality, looks like the shuttle camper was built for a Ford pickup before finding its way into the Caddy. There are some videos on YouTube featuring both, uploaded by their owner-creator. Don’t worry, I won’t link any of those here. I rather save you the brain damage. I watched them over, and as short as they were, they were as bewildering as this creation is.

In any case, my best guess is that a Top Gear episode featuring dubious homemade campers served as inspiration (Campervan Challenge?). Like I always tell my wife, once your ideas are out in the world, you never know what damage they may cause.

I’ll have to admit that I like the ‘recycling’ of garage door materials, and I wonder if those are solar panels upfront. Do they really work, or are they just for show? And if my memory isn’t completely shot, I’m pretty sure this was captured on I-5.

So let’s leave this find for now, with this rather heroic shot, pulling away around golden-hued hills. I don’t quite see this one reaching infinity, but it’s certainly beyond anything I could’ve imagined.